Provisional P2 Licence


To get your provisional P2 car licence (green Ps) you must pass the Hazard Perception Test (HPT). The resources on this site should help you achieve this. You must also have held your red Ps (provisional P1 licence) for 12 months, prove your identity, and pay the licence and test fees (we can’t help with this).

Licence features

When you pass the HPT, your green Ps (provisional P2 licence) is valid for 30 months or until you get your full licence. Your provisional P2 licence can be renewed after 30 months if you haven’t progressed to your full licence. You will not have to pass the HPT test again.

In addition to following the road rules like all road users should, there are specific rules associated with a provisional P2 licence. Disobeying these additional rules could result in heavy fines or loss of licence.

Blood Alcohol Concentration Zero (no alcohol in your system)
Demerit points 7 points
Plate display Plates must be displayed clearly on the exterior of the front and back of the vehicle
Maximum speed limit 100km/h
Supervision Not allowed to supervise a learner
Mobile phone Allowed for calls and audio only if securely mounted and automated audio device is used. Touching the phone while driving is illegal
Vehicles Must not drive vehicle with:

  • 8 or more cylinders (diesel exempt)
  • Turbo or supercharged engine (diesel exempt)
  • Modifications that increase engine performance
  • Any other vehicle identified by RMS


Requirements to progress to full licence

To progress to your full licence you must:

Periods in which your licence has been suspended do not count towards the 24-month requirement.

If you are disqualified from driving on your red Ps, you must reapply and any time accumulated towards the 24-month requirement is void.

An additional 6 months is added to this requirement if you are convicted of using false documents to gain access to licensed premises or to purchase alcohol while on your P1 licence.

Check out the other resources available to help you pass the Hazard Perception Test and get your provisional P2 licence (Green Ps):

For comprehensive information on the provisional P2 licence and Hazard Perception Test, please refer to the Roads and Maritime Services website. The above information is a summary of this content and although current when published may now be outdated. To ensure you are accessing the most current and accurate information, use the RMS website or visit your nearest Service NSW centre.

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