Bribing people is against the law

It is illegal to attempt to bribe someone to get a licence. The penalties include fines and imprisonment. Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) sets the licence fees and charges you have to pay - do not pay more or offer to pay more.

A completed logbook

  • Before you can take a driving test you must have:
  • The required hours recorded in your logbook (or logbook app)
  • 'The Declaration of Completion’ in your logbook signed by a supervising driver

Taking the test

Someone who can provide transport must accompany you to your test, as you will not be able to drive by yourself if you fail. Arrive on time with your logbook and confirmation slip. The testing officer will ask you to sign the score sheet. Remember to ask any questions before you start – you cannot be coached during the test.

A monitoring officer may sit in on your test to make sure it is conducted properly. Nobody else is allowed to be in the vehicle during the test.

Relax. You are not expected to drive as skilfully as an experienced driver.

If you want, the testing officer will provide general comments (not on specific situations) reviewing your performance. If you fail, you will receive a record that shows areas for improvement and must wait at least a week before reattempting.

Your car must be roadworthy and ready to drive

Before the test the testing officer will check to ensure your car is safe to use.

Why a test can be cancelled

If there is any suspicion you are under the influence of drugs, the test will be cancelled and the booking fee will not be refunded. If you offer a bribe the test will be stopped and you may be taken to the police and charged.


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