Booking a driving test in NSW
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It’s easier than ever to book a driving test in NSW. Service NSW provides an online portal that allows you to book the location, day and time of the next test you’re taking. This means booking can be done in a few simple steps in just minutes.

Just go to the booking page, enter your details, and search for your preferred time slot.

Booking online saves you the hassle of going to a registry or service centre, taking a number and waiting until you’re served, so why wouldn’t you?

After you’ve booked, you can also change or cancel your driving test booking should something come up.

Which driving tests can be booked online?

Nearly all of the driving tests available can now be booked online:

Which driving tests cannot be booked online?

Unfortnuantely, not all NSW driving tests can be booked online. To book the following tests, call Service NSW on 13 22 13 or drop in at a registry or service centre:

  • Aged, deaf and disabled driving and riding tests
  • Instructor and Instructor Taking Impart Knowledge test
  • Short Manual driving tests
  • Motorcycle tests in non-declared areas

Pass on your first attempt!

Remember, to help ensure you pass on your first attempt and don’t waste money by having to go back again and again, use the Driving Test NSW resources so you’re fully prepared and ready to pass:

Learner Licence Provisional P1 (Red P) Provisional P2 (Green P) Full Licence
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