Learn to drive in Bathurst with the best local driving schools to improve your skills and develop into a safe driver.

  • P-Ready Driving School
    • With guidance from Brook at P-Ready Driving School in Bathurst, learners will develop the skills and knowledge to become safe and competent drivers. Using your own car means lessons are cheap and you can better familiarise yourself with the car to develop confidence on the road. Lessons are well-planned and catered to the abilities of each individual student.
    • Lessons use your own car.
    • Pricing: $45 per hour Monday to Friday, $50 per hour on Saturday and Sunday. Discounts apply when lessons are purchased in packages (5 lessons).
  • Cruze Driving School
    • Affordable lessons with a focus on safety are available at Cruze Driving School. The structured program is taught by qualified driving instructors in Bathurst as well as surrounding areas, who cater each lesson to the needs of each individual student. A female driving instructor is available.
    • Have cars available for your test.
    • Pricing: $50 per hour, $140 for one hour lesson and licence test. Discounts apply when lessons are purchased in packages (5 or 10 lessons).
  • Bathurst Learn to Drive
    • Safety is the top priority at Bathurst Learn to Drive with each car fitted with dual controls. Professional instructors will help you feel comfortable taking the wheel and teach you all the skills you need at your own pace. With one of the highest pass rates for driving lessons in Bathurst, they’ll ensure you’re confident and ready to take your driving test.
    • Have cars available for your test.
    • Pricing: Available on request.
  • Abercrombie Driving School
    • Abercrombie Driving School offers driving lessons in Bathurst to cater for a range of skill levels. School cars are available and are regularly serviced and inspected to ensure student safety, or students can also choose to use their own car for lessons if it is more comfortable. Abercrombies tailors each lesson to the individual student, ensuring a safe experience and the best results.
    • Students can have lesson in their own vehicle.
    • Pricing: Available on request. Discounts apply when lessons are purchased in packages.
  • Calare Academy of Road Safety
    • Vehicles at Calare Academy of Road Safety all feature 5-star ANCAP safety ratings to ensure the safest experience for both instructors and students. Driving lessons are available any time of day in Bathurst, Orange, Lithgow and other surrounding areas. Experienced instructors and well-structured lessons ensure new drivers become safe drivers and learn through industry best practices.
    • Night driving lessons are available.
    • Pricing: Available on request.

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