Full Licence

Driving Test NSW provides a range of free resources to help you pass the Driver Qualification Test (DQT). These tools will improve your chances of getting your full (unrestricted) licence on the first attempt!

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Driver Qualification Handbook Summary

The Driving Test NSW summary of the Driver Qualification Handbook condenses the 116-page Handbook into just 28 pages. The summary concentrates on assessable material and allows for targeted and effective revision for Part 1 of the DQT.

Practice tests

Test your hazard perception skills using practice tests that accurately simulate the test questions you will be asked in Part 2 of the DQT. These tests are superior to the Roads and Maritime Services simulations and feature real traffic film clips similar to those in Part 2 of the DQT.

Study tips

Use study tips collected from people who have passed the DQT to more effectively prepare for the test.

Test tips

Tips for booking and taking the test that give you the best chance to pass on your first attempt.

Test details

The specifics on the DQT - what's assessed and how.

Licence details

Details on the prerequisites and features of the full (unrestricted) licence.

Share your experience

Tips and tricks contributed by people who've passed the DQT. When you pass, come back and share your experience so this becomes the ultimate resource for DQT preparation. 


A glossary of terms used across all of the Roads and Maritime Services produced handbooks and guides.

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