Here are the top driving schools in Inner West Sydney that offer high-quality and cheap driving lessons in Inner West Sydney tailored to the local area so you pass your practical driving test on the first attempt:

  • Alect Driving School
    • Alect Driving School is based in the Inner Western suburbs and services a range of areas in Inner West Sydney. All their instructors carry full accreditation from NSW Roads and Maritime Services and are experienced working with new learners as well as more experienced drivers. For drivers under 25, they will help you complete your logbook and log all the hours you need to be able to take your test.
    • Have cars available for your test. Also offer night driving training.
    • Pricing: $50 per hour for automatic, $55 per hour for manual. Discounts available if you purchase 10 lessons.
  • Sydney Safe Driving School
    • Based in Sydney and servicing the Inner West, Sydney Safe Driving School is run by a female driving instructor and offers automatic lessons in and around the Inner West. They combine driving lessons with the use of a FREE driving app for your phone which helps you consolidate your driving skills even when you’re not on the road. Sydney Safe Driving School boasts a 97% first time pass rate for its students.
    • Have cars available for your lessons. Offer a Safe Drivers Course separately.
    • Pricing: $71-79 per lesson, depending on the package purchased. Free Learning App available valued at $55.
  • P-School Driving School
    • Based in Sydney and servicing areas including Inner West Sydney, P-School boast a 98% first time pass rate. Established in 2004, they offer automatic and manual lessons and have female driving instructors available. Their flexible opening hours allow you to fit your lessons around your schedule and they focus clearly on teaching you how to drive for life, not just to pass your test.
    • Have automatic cars available for your test.
    • Pricing: $60 per hour - automatic car provided; manual lessons in your own vehicle. $65 per hour on Sundays. Student discount available.
  • Inner West Driving School
    • Inner West Driving School is based in Sydney’s Inner West and offers highly qualified and experienced driving instructors who are comfortable teaching all levels of learner driver. They tailor their lessons to your needs and use a variety of techniques to make sure every driver becomes a safe and confident driver. For drivers under 25, they offer 3-for-1 logbook hours to help you complete your required logbook hours.
    • Have cars available for your test. Automatic lessons only.
    • Pricing: From $53 per lesson in a 20-lesson package. Other packages and prices available on request.
  • PB Driving School
    • Based in the Inner West, PB Driving School services the Inner West, North West and North Sydney. Their highly qualified instructors are all members of the Australian Driving Trainer Association and can tailor their very affordable driving lessons to your requirements. Lessons are offered 7 days a week from 7am to 8pm, which makes it easy to find time to learn. This also allows drivers to learn how to drive in different conditions at different times of the day. All vehicles are dual-control for safety.
    • Have cars available for your test. Also offer night driving lessons
    • Pricing: From $59 per hour. Discounts available for packages purchased in blocks of 2, 5, 10 or 20 hours.

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