Here is a list of driving schools in Parramatta that offer high-quality and cheap driving lessons in Parramatta tailored to the local area so you pass your practical driving test on the first attempt. They all have highly qualified driving instructors from Parramatta who know the roads well and can help you learn to drive in Parramatta.

  • ABC Driving School
    • Whether you’re a new learner driver who needs to complete your logbook hours or a more experience driver who is ready for the RMS test and wants a refresher, ABC Driving School can help you pass your test and get on the road in Parramatta. All the driving instructors at ABC Driving School offer 3-for-1 logbook hours which reduces the burden of completing 120 hours of driving while ensuring you are a safe and confident driver. Each ABC Driving School services a specific area of Sydney so you know that the driving instructors in Parramatta know the local roads and will teach you how to drive safely there.
    • Have cars available for your test.
    • Pricing: $60 per lesson in the city. Discount for a 5-hour package.
  • Auto1 Driving School
    • Auto1 Driving School provide driving lessons in Parramatta and surrounding areas. All their driving instructors are RMS-approved and registered and are highly experienced. With dual-control automatic transmission vehicles and lessons tailored to your needs and experience. Auto1 Driving School will help you pass your RMS driving test quickly and safely.
    • Have cars available for the test.
    • Pricing: $63 for one hour. Packages of 2, 6 or 10 hours are more affordable.
  • Tashman Driving School
    • Offering driving lessons in Parramatta and surrounding areas, Tashman Driving School has more than 20 years’ experience and works closely with new and nervous drivers, helping them learn to drive confidently and pass their RMS driving test the first time. They offer 3-for-1 logbook hours for drivers under 25 years old to help them complete their logbook requirements so they can pass the test and get on the road quickly and confidently.
    • Have cars available for your test. Lessons available 7 days a week.
    • Pricing: Available on request.
  • Apia Driving School
    • Apia Driving School is a family-owned and operated driving school with over 50 years’ experience servicing Parramatta and surrounding areas. Their highly qualified instructors understand what’s really important - being a safe and confident driver! They embrace the most up-to-date techniques industry practices which means you’ll be learning from the best and will be prepared to pass your RMS driving test quickly.
    • Have cars available for your lessons as well as for the test. They also offer a Safe Drivers Course based in Nowra.
    • Pricing: $68 per hour. Discounts apply when lessons are purchased in packages (5, 10, 15, or 20 hours).
  • Roger’s Driving School
    • Roger’s Driving School is based in Parramatta and provides driving lessons in Parramatta and surrounding suburbs. Boasting a highly experienced driving instructor with years of local experience and knowledge of all the RMS test routes, Roger’s Driving School is a great choice. And with their flexible hours, you can learn to drive in Parramatta at times that suit your schedule, which also means you can experience driving in different conditions and become a safer driver quickly.
    • Have a car available for your test.
    • Pricing: $60 per lesson, or discounts available for packs of 2, 3, 5 or 10 lessons.

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