Learn to drive in Port Stephens with a lesson at one of the top driving schools in the region. Instructors will help develop the confidence, skills and experience required to pass your driving test and to make students safer drivers for life.

  • Port Stephens Driver Training
    • Driving lessons with Port Stephens Driver Training will equip learners with the skills they need to become safe and confident drivers. The instructors are passionate about their job and want to help students become the best drivers they can be, guiding them through lessons at their own pace.
    • Have cars available for your test.
    • Pricing: $65 per hour, $130 for lesson and test. Discounts apply when lessons are purchased in packages (3 or 5 lessons).
  • Blue Water Driving School
    • Based in Nelson Bay, Blue Water Driving School services Port Stephens and the surrounding region with some of the cheapest lessons to be found. With 40 years of experience, their female instructor is well qualified for teaching and personalises lessons to cater for the needs of each individual student.
    • Have cars available for your test.
    • Pricing: $55 per hour, $50 for an introductory lesson. Discounts apply when lessons are purchased in packages.
  • Angels Driver Training
    • Angels Driver Training offers affordable driving lessons in Post Stephens, Raymond Terrace, Newcastle and the surrounding region. Professional instructors cater for all ages with lessons in automatic and manual vehicles. Students may choose to use their own vehicle if they are more comfortable.
    • Automatic and manual vehicles available, or use your own.
    • Pricing: $50 per hour in your own vehicle, $60 per hour in school cars. Discounts apply when lessons are purchased in packages (5 hours).
  • Happiness Driving School
    • Happiness Driving School operates with local driving instructors in Port Stephens. Students are taught low risk driving techniques to ensure they become safe drivers now and for a lifetime. Develop the confidence needed to pass your test and drive safely every day.
    • Automatic and manual vehicles available.
    • Pricing: Available on request.
  • Bryta Days Driving School
    • Bryta Days Driving School use a dual control automatic vehicle for lessons in the Hunter Valley and surrounding region including Port Stephens. The driving instructor is RMS certified and has extensive experience. Students are taught safe driving, not just for their driving test but for a lifetime. Specific pre-test lessons can also be arranged.
    • Night driving lessons can be organised upon request.
    • Pricing: Available on request. Discounts apply when lessons are purchased in packages.

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