Provisional P1 Red P Plate

A Guide to the Driving Test produced by Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) aims to prepare learner drivers for the practical driving test they must pass to get their Red Ps.

Although the Driving Test is a practical, in-car assessment of your driving - the theory resources available can still assist your preparation. The Guide outlines the criteria you must meet and skills necessary to pass the Driving Test. It also highlights what you should do to avoid failing. Reading through the Guide (which can be found here under 'Resources for learner drivers') forms the base for an appropriate preparation for the Driving Test. has produced a summary of A Guide to the Driving Test (which condenses and synthesises the 44-page Guide into 17 pages) to help you prepare for the Driving Test. This can be used as a substitute for the Guide or as a tool for revision.

There are two ways to to read the A Guide to the Driving Test Summary.

Choose the most convenient method for your use.


1. You can download a PDF to read on any device at your leisure:


2. You can read the summary across 6 posts linked below:

1. The Driving Test

2. Before You Start

3. Low Risk Driving

4. Vehicle Control

5. Test Results

6. Tips for Provisional Drivers

Check out the other resources available to help you pass the Practical Driving Test and get your provisional P1 licence (Red Ps):

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