Classic Vehicle Log Book

A new trial log book scheme will apply to 30+ year old vehicles from October 1 2015 in NSW, allowing vintage vehicle enthusiasts more time behind the wheel of their pride and joy.

The 2 year trial will allow 60 days of general use each year for these classic vehicles. Under previous rules, classic vehicles could only be used for club organised event, placing a significant restriction on enthusiast use. Each day of general use must be recorded in a RMS issues log book with a review of the trial to take place during the next two years. These changes bring NSW law into line with other states including Victoria, South Australia and the Northern Territory and provide a greater opportunity for enthusiasts and the general public to enjoy these magnificent vehicles.

Currently, vehicles eligible for the Historic Vehicle Scheme can be part of the log book trial so long as their registered operator is a member of an RMS recognised historic vehicle club.  Modified classic vehicles will be eligible for the trial from early 2016.

What to do?

Recognised clubs

Recognised clubs wishing to participate in the trial must notify RMS by email at From here, club members can choose to opt in to the trial. RMS does not require clubs to manage any aspect of log book recording, though does not prevent them from doing so under club rules. Vehicle standards are not affected by the trial with current arrangements still valid.

If a club does not wish to participate in the trial, they can simply continue as normal with no action required.

Recognised club members

Recognised club members whose vehicle is registered under NSW conditional registration scheme and whose club is participating in the scheme must opt-in by attending a NSW Services centre and presenting:

  • Proof of ID
  • Certificate of Conditional Registration (if available)
  • Certificate of Approved Operations (if available)
  • Completed Change of Records

You will then receive a trial form. Only one log book will be issued per classic vehicle, regardless of multiple club memberships.There is no cost to existing members who choose to opt in.

There is also no increase in CTP insurance costs during the trial. This may change when the review is completed over the next 2 years.

If your club does not wish to participate but you do, you can join or form a participating recognised club and opt-in to the trial.

If you do not wish to participate, no action is required.

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