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Part 1

As Part 1 of the Driver Qualification Test (DQT) is a theory test it’s important you know the material and have prepared for the test. It’s recommended that you read the latest version of the Driver Qualification Handbook as this is material that will be tested. You should then revise using the Driving Test NSW summary of the Driver Qualification Handbook. This summary condenses the 116-page Handbook into 28 pages. The focussed nature of the summary’s content makes it the perfect study tool. It solidifies your knowledge and enables quicker and more targeted revision as your test date approaches.

The questions for the DQT are not publicly available which makes any practice tests imprecise compared to those available for the Driver Knowledge Test you passed to get your Ls. However, based on feedback from people who have successfully passed the DQT, there appears to be a greater focus on specific facts. For example, a likely question would be to identify when during the day most crashes in NSW occur. The answer is Monday to Friday between 9am and 3pm (about 23% of crashes). This focus on facts and statistics drove the presentation of Driver Qualification Handbook information in the Driving Test NSW summary. The summary presents the information in a far more accessible and memorable way, better enabling you to retain the information for the test.

Part 2

Preparation for Part 2 of the DQT will be similar to the preparation for the Hazard Perception Test (HPT) you pass to get your green Ps. Although the clips have a practical element, theory resources available can still help with your preparation. The Driver Qualification Handbook contains a recap of the Hazard Perception Handbook. This handbook and the accompanying Driving Test NSW summary outline the skills necessary for effective hazard perception (assessed by Part 2 of the DQT). Reading through the Handbook and revising using the summary (which is necessary for Part 1) will form the base for an appropriate preparation for Part 2.

To get an idea of what the test will look like and how you will interact with the touch screen you should avoid the practice modules provided by Roads and Maritime Services. These modules do not simulate the real test and are not particularly helpful in preparing you for Part 2 of the DQT.

Luckily, Driving Test NSW has a handy resource that simulates the test reasonably accurately. Some of the clips they use are so similar to those in the real test you could easily argue they are the same footage. There are 5 practice tests, each with 7 questions for a total of 35 questions.

However, these practice tests are designed to prepare users for a version of the HPT. As such, each question requires you to respond either once or not at all. In Part 2 of the DQT, you will be required to respond as many times as is appropriate based on the clip (from no response through to multiple responses). It is important to keep this in mind while preparing for your DQT. Although this is the number one (and essentially only) resource to practically prepare for Part 2 of the DQT, it is not the perfect preparation and you need to remember the requirements of the DQT when using this resource.

You can find links to the practice tests and Driving Test NSW commentary on the appropriate responses here.

Check out the other resources available to help you pass the Driver Qualification Test and get your full (unrestricted) licence:

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