Full Licence

This site has a range of resources designed to help you pass the Driver Qualification Test and get your full (unrestricted) licence on your first attempt.

But we probably didn't think of everything!

So we'd love you to share your study and test experience in the comments on this page.

List any sources you used and tips you picked up on your way to passing the test.

The more people who contribute - the more valuable this resource becomes!


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This article has 5 comments

  1. Deon Reply

    I sat for the DQT test today. The summary from drivingtestnsw was definitely helpful and probably the only reason why I passed.

    All I'll say is study hard before you go - I was taking it easy thinking it was a piece of cake but up untill the very end I thought I had failed.

    Good luck!

  2. Sarina Reply

    Just passed! Thought it was tricky, though they're getting rid of this test eventually aren't they?

    The facts were alright, just make sure you remember the numbers from the handbook. The hazard perception I found hard, was afraid I got some wrong but apparently I passed? Not much preparation you can do for that, just be careful and use your own judgement.

    One question I found hard was when it showed you a picture of a car through your windscreen at a certain speed and asked how many secones away it was. There's a little following distance practice thing on the RMS website you can use to see what vehicles look like at different distances to help with that.

    • DrivingTestNSW Reply

      Hi Sarina,

      Congratulations on passing! So glad the website helped and you came back to share your experience.

      The RMS are indeed getting rid of the DQT from 1 November 2017. The site will need to go through a bit of an overhaul to account for this and the other rule changes.

      Here is a link to the following distance module on RMS if anyone is interested. If it doesn't work when you open it just click refresh and it should load.


  3. Chris Reply

    Thanks for the great work. I studied the material on this website and today got my full licence.

    Of special importance are the practice tests for the second part. Some of those videos appearead in the real test. Note that when turning right the videos seem to be extra conservative. When taking the test I got scared because in the first 4 videos no action was necessary.

  4. Hatrina Reply

    Despite the rule of "If you obtained your P2 licence before 20 November 2017, you need to pass the Driver Qualification Test to apply for an unrestricted licence.", I went in expecting to do the test today and instead they upgraded my license without testing me at all.
    Thanks for the resources though - they were helpful regardless of my absent testing.

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