Learner Licence L Plate

Once you've read the Road Users' Handbook and know the content, it's time to put your knowledge to the test!

Below are 14 practice tests that give you the flexibility to study your way.

You can simulate the real 45-question test, focus on the various topics and even take all 364 questions in one sitting.

The questions come straight from the RMS question bank - so these are the questions you'll be answering in the Driver Knowledge Test (DKT).

Feel free to bookmark this page so you can practice right up until they call your name at the testing facility.


DKT Simulation

DKT_simulation 250x100

45 random questions

All Questions


364 questions


cheating 250x100

3 questions

General Knowledge

general_knowledge 250x100

82 questions

Alcohol and Drugs

alcohol_drugs 250x100

20 questions

Fatigue and Defensive Driving

fatigue 250x100

24 questions


intersection 250x100

54 questions

Traffic Lanes

traffic_lanes 250x100

29 questions

Negligent Driving

negligent_driving 250x100

30 questions


pedestrains 250x100

28  questions

Seat Belts / Restraints

seatbelt 250x100

12 questions

Speed Limits

speed_limit 250x100

13 questions

Traffic Lights

A couple of red traffic lights against a blue sky

18 questions

Traffic Signs

warning_signs 250x100

51 questions


Check out the other resources available to help you pass the Driver Knowledge Test and get your learner licence (L plates):

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