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The Road Users’ Handbook produced by Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) explains the main rules which apply to all road users and must be read and understood if you want to pass the Driver Knowledge Test and hold a drivers licence in NSW.

The Driver Knowledge Test (DKT) is a multiple choice test that assesses the material from the Handbook. As the Handbook content is directly assessable, it it vital you obtain and read the most recent version of the Handbook (which can be found here).

After the initial reading, revision can be difficult as the task of re-reading and revising the 190-page Handbook is no mean feat. As such, drivingtestnsw.com has produced a summary of the Road Users’ Handbook to help you prepare for the DKT.

The drivingtestnsw.com summary concentrates on assessable material and allows for targeted and effective revision for the DKT.

The summary was developed based on the questions you will be asked in the test. As a result, the summary presents the required information in a far more accessible and memorable way, better enabling you to retain the information for the test.

What's more, the summary condenses and synthesises the assessable material into a far more manageable 55-page document - allowing for more frequent and effective revision.

There are two ways to to read the Road Users’ Handbook Summary.

Choose the most convenient method for your revision.


1. You can download a PDF to read on any device at your leisure:


2. You can read the summary across 7 posts linked below:

1. Introduction

2. Licences

3. Road Safety

4. Safe Driving

5. General Road Rules

6. Vehicle Registration

7. Penalties

Check out the other resources available to help you pass the Driver Knowledge Test and get your learner licence (L plates):

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