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There are currently 10 names in this directory beginning with the letter C.
Cancelled (licence)
You can no longer use your licence; that is, you can no longer drive
Car based motor tricycles
A three-wheeled vehicle primarily constructed from car components
Child restraint
Specific seatbelts, seats or capsules that children under a certain age are required to use/wear (e.g. baby restraints, child seats, child safety harnesses)
Crashing into
Commentary driving
A training and development technique of talking when you are driving to indicate where you are looking, what hazards you are seeing and what action you might take
Compliance plate
The plate that identifies a vehicle as being manufactured to safety standards applicable to the time of manufacture
Necessary, required, must do
Corrosive (chemical)
Chemical that eats away, like acid, for example
Covering the brake
Where your right foot is off the accelerator and over the brake pedal without activating the brake, see also ‘setting up the brake’
Crash avoidance space
The space a driver needs to manage, in order to prevent a potential crash
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