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There are currently 18 names in this directory beginning with the letter S.
Safe gap
A gap in traffic that enables you to turn, overtake or cross an intersection without being involved in a collision or endangering other road users. This means that no other road users should need to take evasive action to avoid your vehicle
Safety chains (trailer)
Chains that catch a trailer in an emergency, if the tow connection breaks for example
Constantly moving your eyes and/or your head when driving so that you can detect hazards that may arise ahead, to the sides and behind your vehicle. Scanning means taking in the whole scene 360° around your car
Service centre
A ‘one-stop shop’ providing access to various government services and a single point of contact
Setting up the brake
Where your right foot is off the accelerator and applying light pressure to the brake pedal
A recommendation, advice
Strip of land that runs down the side on an un-kerbed road
Shoulder check
See head check
Single laned
A road with one lane running in each direction
Sleep debt
The difference between the hours of sleep a person needs and the actual hours of sleep they get
Slip lane
A separate lane for a vehicle turning left
Space cushion
A ‘buffer zone’ around your vehicle (to the front, sides and rear) between you and other vehicles and road users that gives you time to spot and react to hazards that may arise.
Eye glasses or contact lenses
Speed limit
The legal speed for any particular stretch of road, licence or vehicle
Excessive or inappropriate speed, including not adjusting your speed to suit the conditions or speed limit
Not moving
Supervising driver
A person who holds a full Australian licence for the appropriate class of the vehicle and sits beside the learner driver
Suspended (licence)
You can no longer use your licence; that is, you can no longer drive
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