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Default speed limit
The speed limit where there are no speed limit signs. The urban limit is 50 km/h
Demerit (points)
There are different points limits for different types of licences (learner, provisional etc). Demerit points are recorded against your licence for a range of traffic offences (e.g. speeding). If you get too many demerit points your licence may be cancelled or suspended
A piece of equipment
Disease which affects the body’s use of sugar
Disability (driving)
Physical condition that may affect your driving
Disqualified (licence)
You are not allowed to hold or obtain a licence in NSW. You can no longer drive
Dragon’s teeth
A series of triangular road markings to increase school zone visibility
Driver Qualification Test (DQT)
A combination of an advanced Hazard Perception Test, a further test of the road rules and safe driving practice. The test must be passed to progress from P2 stage to full licence status
Driving instructor
A person who instructs learners or provisionals (for money or reward) how to drive
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