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Median strip
A section that divides lanes in a two way street
Brief, unintended periods of loss of attention associated with events such as blank stare, head snapping, prolonged eye closure, etc, which may occur when a person is fatigued but trying to stay awake to perform a monotonous task like driving a car or watching a computer screen.
Least, smallest
Motorcycle pre-learner training course
A training course undertaken in order to obtain a learner rider licence
Motorcycle pre-provisional training course
A training course undertaken in order to obtain a provisional rider licence
Motorcycle Rider’s Handbook
Roads & Maritime publication that explains road rules that apply to motorcycles and riders.
Motorised wheelchairs
A three or four wheeled mobility aid that cannot travel faster than 10 km/hour. A user is defined as a pedestrian
Large road (usually more than 2 lanes in each direction) designed to move a lot of traffic quickly. Usually with a 100 or 110km/h speed limit
Multi-laned road
A road with more than one lane in each direction. These roads sometimes have a median strip dividing traffic travelling in each direction
A mandatory requirement.
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